Angela Taylor-Carter, Sales Associate, REALTOR®

Meet Angela Taylor-Carter, with a strong belief in home ownership and a can-do attitude, she's a Realtor who gets things done.

As a young woman just starting her life, Angela was advised by her father to own her own home, not rent one. She took that advice to heart and has been thinking about it throughout her 20 years of working in customer service and legal matters. “Homeownership is the beginning of generational wealth,” Angela says “I want to teach people about the benefits of home ownership, and help create more first-time homeowners.”

Angela decided to become a Realtor in 2019, and soon afterwards an office manager from her previous job recommended that she look into joining The Bob & Ronna Group. After some research and a quick interview, Angela was more than happy to come on board. “The Bob & Ronna Group were offering the training and mentorship I was interested in,” Angela says. “It was a great opportunity.” She's enjoyed working at The Bob & Ronna Group since then, “it's a well-oiled machine - designed to cover every aspect of the job, allowing the Realtors to focus on what's important and spend time with clients.”

Angela is excited to work with first-time buyers and established sellers alike. She's willing to do whatever it takes help her clients and accomplish their goals. Her years of customer service experience make her a natural at working with a variety of people who each have different needs and wants when it comes to buying a home.

Angela is a married mother of two, who is very proud of her daughter Lauren, studying to be a nurse, and her son Noah, who is a police cadet. Angela and her husband love to go out to dinner with family and friends and have long conversations over good food. When they travel Angela likes to visit islands, with warm breezes and sunny skies. She especially loves visiting the beach and reading. Her current favorite books are Becoming by Michelle Obama and Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear.